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Scientific Medical Non Profit Association

Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy

-a member of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI)

-a member of the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH


The, later founding, members of the Homeopathic Academy – physician Othonos Athos, veterinarian Sakka Zoitsa, biopathologist Fanariotis Dionysis, physician and anesthesiologist Savvas Ioannides, psychiatrist Dimitris Livas and gynecologist Sipsas Ioannis – met a few years before the founding of the Academy.

After discussions with each other, they realized that in Greece, in the field of homeopathetic practices, the methods prevailing were methods like the mechanical Repertorization, the superficial Key-Note Prescribing, the Computer Expert Systems or the Sensation Homeopathy – methods that have huge differences with Classical Homeopathy and whose therapeutic results are superficial and temporary. In addition, the cost to receive training in Homeopathy was too high, discouraging people from the field of health from getting familiar with it, and that training was not at all inclusive, but rather focused on specific methods of Homeopathy.

So, the founders felt the need to create a Homeopathic Scientific Association, that would promote Classical Homeopathy, focusing on the Laws of Homeopathy, the Miasmatic Theory of Hahnemann and the notion of Temperament, as developed by Kent. An Association with trainers that would offer their knowledge willingly and for free to their colleagues, and that would promote pluralism, solidarity and unity with other Homeopathic Associations.

As a result of all these discussions, the Homeopathic Academy was born. The intention of its founders was embodied in the Academy’s Statutes and more specifically, in the Academy’s Goal, the Academy’s Principles and the Academy’s Actions, as presented below.


To promote Homeopathic Medicine among the Medical Community and the general public, in Greece and abroad.



 1. Scientific Pluralism

The Academy respects every different scientific opinion of its members and promotes them both through its educational procedures, and its events. Furthermore, the Academy invites non-members or members of other Scientific Associations who hold different opinions, in the educational events it organizes. The trainees and the members of the Academy are to decide if these different scientific opinions will be accepted and implemented. It  is a Principle of the Academy to put every scientific opinion to trial, both in theory and therapeutic practice, without prejudice.

2. Scientific Homeopathy based on Laws:

Homeopathy by definition is a Therapeutic System firstly established by Samuel Hahnemann, which follows diagnostic and therapeutic rules like the Law of Similarity, the Law of the Whole, the Law of Hierarchy, the Law of Individualization, and Law of the Direction of Cure. This is the kind of Homeopathy the Academy promotes. Despite all this, it is legitimate that differences will appear in the ways scientists practice these Laws, and the Academy is obliged by its principles, to promote well-meaning dialogue.

3. Scientific Adequacy:

Ηοmeopathic Medicine is by definition Medicine, in the sense of diagnostics and cure, so it should be practiced only by medical doctors. Also, these doctors should be adequately trained in Homeopathy.

4. Holistic Therapeutic Thinking:

Based on the Laws of Homeopathy, and especially the Law of the Whole, the Academy believes that Homeopathy is a Holistic Therapeutic System. Hence, it promotes not only the adequacy of the doctor in the field of Homeopathy, but also their medical training in every diagnostic and therapeutic system, without bigotry and prejudice. Also, it promotes the implementation of multiple therapeutic system by the same of different doctors. Our one and only goal is the benefaction of the patient and the implementation of the Hippocratic quote “Benefit; do not harm”.

5. Unity in Homeopathy and between the Homeopathic and the Medical Community:

The Academy respects every Diagnostic and Therapeutic system and promotes the dialogue and cooperation among them, as long as this does not contradict its Principles and Goal.

6. «Benefit; do not harm»:

The Academy does not support any diagnostic or therapeutic practice that harm the patient as a whole. On the contrary, it promotes any action that contributes to the relief of the patient and the welfare of the Human Being.

 7. Moral and Scientific Integrity:

The Academy, in order to protect its moral and scientific integrity, chooses to abstain from any cooperation, financial or other, with speculative enterprises in the field of Health, even if it’s done under the cover of charity towards the patients.



1. Εducation:

The Academy trains doctors of every medical field, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacologists and students of all respective medical schools. Also, in accordance with its Holistic Philosophy, it promotes training in other diagnostic and therapeutic systems, which could increase the therapeutic abilities of its members.

 2. The information of the public:

The Academy organizes events to inform the public on Homeopathy and other health issues.

3 Promotion of Homeopathy in the Medical System:

The Academy acts upon the promotion of the practice of Homeopathy, both through the State Health System and Private Health Carriers.

4 Community spirit:

The Academy acts upon the creation of community spirit among its members and friends, by holding meetings, events, discussions, trips etc.

Homeopathetic Academy today

 By now, despite its short existence, the Homeopathic Academy has achieved a lot.

-It is a Member of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LHMI)

-It is a Full Member of the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH)

-It is a Member of the Educational Subcommittee of the ECH

-It is an Accredited Teaching Center of the ECH

-It grants the European Diploma for Homeopathy issued by ECH for medical doctors, dentists and veterinarians after the successful completion of a free three year educational course by the candidate. This program meets the standards set by ECH and LMHI (Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis)

– It has achieved an important bridge for communication and cooperation with the General Medical Community, since its educational program for the academic year 2014-15 was conducted at the amphitheater of Microbiology at the Athens Medical School of the State University of Athens and since the academic year 2015-16 it is being conducted in the amphitheater of the State Hospital “Red Cross”. The same holds for year 2016-2017.

-It promotes Classical Homeopathy by adopting the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy, a method that fully respects Homeopathic Laws and thus is at the same time scientific and therapeutically effective.

-It unites scientists who selflessly and joyfully give to their new colleagues and to society, respecting their scientific independency.

-It keeps uploading numerous informational, scientific and educational data (articles, books, lessons, videos, etc.) to its web page giving  scientists and the general public free access to knowledge about Homeopathy and general health matters.

The Board of  Directors of the Homeopathic Academy today:

Board of Directors


President:     Athos Othonos, Medical Doctor

Secretary:     Labropoulou Sofia, General Practitioner

Treasurer:    Zoitsa Sakka, Veterinarian


Savvas Ioannides, Anesthesiologist

Chondrou Asimina, Biopathologist

– Dimitris Livas, Psychiatrist

 -Fanariotis Dionisis, Biopathologist

 -Giannis Sipsas, Gynecologist

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